The right kind of cleanup prevents additional damage to your home. We use a variety of professional equipment depending on the services and issue at hand:  draw moisture out of hardwood floors, remove water from carpets, pull moisture from walls, remove fire and smoke damage, remediate mold and reconstruct all back to its new condition.  Our goal is to get your property back to a safe condition. We’ll work quickly so that the potential for loss is minimized. We work fast and extensively in our cleanup process. You can depend on us to restore the property you enjoy.


A water, fire or mold issue of any kind can pose a health risk to you and your family, depending on the source of the issue.  For example, a clean water source poses little to no threat, other than damage to your property. But, dirty water, such as a dishwasher discharge or a drain line break, can carry some health risk. Additionally, sewage, river water, or rain water can actually be life threatening.  By acting quickly, you can prevent further damage to your property. That is why we offer you 24-hour emergency response every day. Superior Restoration and Construction has advanced equipment and a professional team of highly trained technicians ready to service your home or business.